Birdwatching Near Avon

Avon offers bird watchers a very unique opportunity to see many different and unusual bird species during all four seasons. Shorebirds like herons, gulls, pelicans, egrets, sandpipers, terns, skimmers and others are a common sight all summer and offshore pelagic species often come within viewing range on the beaches.

Spring and Fall

During spring and fall seasons island visitors will often see coastal migrating species traveling between their summer homes and their wintering homes. To the delight of Outer Banks bird watchers it is possible to see some very unique and even sometimes even lost bird species. Resident bird watcher actually can gauge the seasons by the arrival a birds like the Osprey as they return to their annual nests.

Two Osprey working on a nest in Avon.

Egret sitting on a pole at docks in Avon.

Winter Season

The winter season is also a special opportunity for island bird watchers to see various northern species like Cedar Waxwings and Yellow Rump Warblers that come here to spend the winter. Surprisingly there are even resident hummingbirds that remain here for the winter and are often seen at feeders. There are even a pair of beautiful Painted Buntings that spend their winters here.

Whether you are a sometimes bird watcher or a serious one, the Outer Banks is an absolutely incredible place to visit in any season. Photography opportunities of various birds are beyond expectations. If you are interested in learning more about the birds on Hatteras Island you might want to consider a fall vacation here during the annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival. The Outer Banks festival includes guided bird trips, speakers, tours, videos, seminars and a lot more.